Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Elusive Glow

The moment you start telling people you are pregnant your life changes. It’s a little like getting engaged except the advice centers around diapers, diet and lack of sleep instead of flowers, menu decisions and drunk relatives. All sense of privacy is immediately thrown out the window.

People feel an incredible freedom to start asking all sorts of questions they would NEVER have asked before you said you were expecting. Crazily enough, you really don’t care about most of these questions. Close family and friends asking you about pregnancy symptoms, tales of conception, and the ever-growing state of your breasts (oh, and your plan for them too) are all part of the process. It does get a little odd when co-workers or strangers (none of you are strangers, you are all my blog friends) start asking you about bodily functions or wanting to touch your belly, whether your gut is really baby or just that pasta you ate for lunch.

At 14 weeks, I’m at that point where no one dares to ask if when I’m due unless they actually know that I am pregnant. I get lots of “looks” and staring at my tummy, with inquisitive glances wondering if I ate pasta for lunch too often or if I’ve joined the maternity club. If they only knew that my new jeans don’t have a zipper and that cute t-shirt they just complimented is from the maternity store at the mall.

So, now that I am safely out of the first trimester (sweet pea is the size of a lemon this week) and starting into my second, let me recap how the last couple months have been. Whether it be informative, persuasive or just entertaining, remember that every woman’s experience is different and from what I’ve heard, every pregnancy is different.

Unless you have brutally honest friends, (and I have a few, I love you gals) before you get pregnant the overwhelming majority of information you get will be about how wonderful pregnancy is. How fun feeling the baby kick is. How amazing the bursts of energy and nesting are. How great pregnancy yoga pants are. How awesome the bond you develop with your unborn child is. Basically, all stuff that gives you that “pregnancy glow.”

Well, ladies (and maybe one gent if DH pops on here) I’m here to tell you that during my first trimester the closest I got to a “pregnancy glow” was the layer of grease on my face from all the new zits I developed. Maybe there was a glaze in my eyes from feeling pukey all the time. Yes, I wrote, all the time. Until this week I can honestly say, without exaggerating, that I was nauseous for around 16 hours a day. I only actually vomited a couple handfuls of times, but the all day car-sick feeling was miserable. As a child I was a motion sickness magnet. We never went on a long trip without a puke bag near me. Well, that’s pretty much what it feels like, but no beach or Tahoe vacation at the end of the ride.

Let me tell you a little about pre-natal vitamins. They are a necessity for your health and the health of your unborn child. You need to pump yourself full of all those good minerals and help that baby develop into the strong little genius that it will become. With all of that being said find one that doesn’t make you gag. The first bottle I bought the pills were huge and they smelled really nasty and they immediately dissolved in your mouth before you could swallow them. Coupled with the ever-present nausea, that was miserable. I’m happy to say that I have found another brand of pre-natals that are much more “user friendly.” (Another side note on the vitamins…risking tmi…watch out for the iron…eat lots of fruit to help counteract this lovely side effect or you’ll be spending even more time hanging around the bathroom.)

Speaking of hanging around the bathroom, I honestly thought that the constant peeing didn’t start until the kid was big enough to kick you in the bladder and take up most of the room previously reserved for internal organs. Yeah, I was wrong. Apparently, the overactive urination starts right from the get go. The books all say it’s the hormones, but I think it might be attributed to the mass quantities of aqua I’m consuming these days. The doctor wants you to drink 2 liters of water a day and for the first time in my life that is not a problem. I am constantly thirsty and since diet coke, coffee and vino are off the menu, water it is!

Let’s see, what else is off the menu. Yes, that’s right, sushi!!! I miss my friend spicy tuna so much it’s terrible. I thought that my alcohol would be the most difficult menu alteration once I got pregnant. Now I realize, the bond of motherhood is really really strong for me to “just say no” to diet coke and raw fish for nine months. I’ve already informed DH that my first real meal after delivery will definitely be a few of my favorite rolls and a large ice-cold diet coke. Besides that the food restrictions really haven’t been that difficult. I drink herbal tea instead of coffee. 99% of cheese is pasteurized, so that’s been easy. I wasn’t a huge lunch meat eater anyway so I’m not missing out on that.

The bigger issue with food has been enjoying eating at all. I have been pretty much grossed out by everything. Chicken was once my staple…now, I can’t even manage to look at it without getting queasy. I thought it was getting slightly better, but no sooner did I stop wanting to vomit that my appetite diminished in portion size and the heartburn kicked in. I can’t seem to finish anything on my plate, even my favorite foods and I never leave home without some tums in my purse.

Ok, now that I’ve totally whined about what I like to call “the first trimester blues” let me put a few things in perspective. I would not trade all of this misery for the world because it all means that I’m growing a healthy, strong baby inside of me. Yes, inside of me. That’s crazy!!! DH and I spend hours just chatting about what the baby is going to look like, be like, baby names, whether we think it’s a boy or a girl (I’m cheering for team pink, lol) and if my baby bump is getting bigger or if it’s just the grilled cheese for dinner that sounded good and stayed down. Oh, and let me gush about how insanely cool ultrasounds are. I will NEVER get tired of hearing that magical heart beat. It is music to my ears. Every little turn and flutter with that adorable blob on the screen has me riveted to no end.

I know, I’ve heard it all…the second trimester is tons better. Let’s hope so. However, even if it isn’t, I’ll manage. DH may need a pillow to cry into to manage my mood swings, but I’ll manage…because as soon as I feel this little one kick me, I will have another wonderful reminder of the most fantastic thing DH and I have ever done together.

Sorry if I scared you, but it’s all the truth. Yet, it must definitely be worth it because people keep having kids and a lot of them are planned, lol. The good news is I’ll probably forget all the not-so-fun stuff because otherwise, we’d all be only children.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have or to share your experiences. I would love to hear from you….just ask before you reach out and touch my cyber belly, ok?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Big News

Yeah yeah, I’ve said it before…I’m sorry, I’m a slacker and I’ll try to do better. Basically, when people say things like, “Oh, when life slows down after the wedding” or “As soon as the wedding is over you’ll have time on your hands” they are lying. Yep, big fat liars. Life does not slow down, ever. It just keeps getting busier, more hectic and flies by more and more quickly. What has had me so busy that I’ve let all of you down you ask? Well, that’s a trickier question. A little of this and a little of that, I guess. We’ve gone on some trips (I stink at taking pictures anymore and when I do they sit on my camera for months.) We’ve spent time with family and friends (both for happy occasions and sad). Oh, and I/we had something a little bigger (or smaller, as the case may be) on our minds.

Yes, that is what you think it is….We’re Expecting!!!!!

Right now I’m 12 weeks along and due February 13th. DH and I are beyond excited, as are our families. This will be the first grandchild on my side so we’re starting a whole new generation. =)

My thoughts for this blog are for it to travel along with me on all of our adventures, including preparing for parenthood and all that goes along with that. Expect complete and total uncensored honesty and unfortunately some sporadic posting. I will give a valiant effort, but between work, a busy 2009 and the all day nausea I don’t know what I can promise.
So, for those of you who already knew, thank you for all of the wonderful wishes and supports already. And for those of you that this is a surprise…well, SURPRISE!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

# 74 Get our wedding album in my hands

Last week I got a wonderful message from the lovely Sarah that not only was our album ready for me to come pick up, but that the latest issue of Real Weddings magazine was hot off the presses.

Let me first tell you about the album….It is gorgeous!!! Brown leather cover filled with pages upon pages of lovely images from a truly memorable day. I said that when the album got here, that was officially the end of the wedding. Well, folks….seven months after DH and I said “I Do” it is all officially over. Although I’ve been told we have a few more gifts coming…they are taking advantage of their full year…I still feel like the wedding is really over and done with. It is a great feeling. The last seven months have been so much fun. Now, with the album, and some new pictures for the wall I am finishing up the last little bits.

Ironically, the album was ready on the very same day that the latest issue of Real Weddings was released. Why, you may ask, is she this interested in a wedding magazine when she just finished telling us how she is done with her wedding?

Well….that is because we are featured in the latest issue!!!!! It is so fun and exciting to be published in a magazine. I vividly remember pouring through this particular publication while planning, for everything from ideas on locations, vendors, styles to just more wedding porn in general. Now, a whole new season of brides will get to see our wedding and maybe pick up on something they love. It is just plain cool. =)

So, not only is #74 (Get our wedding album in my hands) all wrapped up and done, but so is the wedding and we are published!!!!

Here is a link to the online article and some pictures…the magazine featured some different pictures so be sure to pick up a copy.



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My new cult

Let me explain why I haven’t found the time to download the pictures off of my camera and blog about our Vegas trip (or any of the other fun stuff going on)….I signed up for Netflix.

Now, for those of you that partake in this addictive habit, no further explanation needed. For those of you who were like me…let me elaborate. I had every excuse in the book of why I didn’t want to join Netflix. The most prevalent were always things like, I don’t want to spend the money, I don’t watch that many dvd’s, I want the movies immediately, I have dvr and have plenty of things to watch, I don’t have the time to watch a bunch of dvd’s…etc, etc, etc.


I have a few friends, family and co-workers that are all part of the Netflix cult (I love this cult)…They ALL swear by Netflix. So, after the millionth person asking me if I saw such-and-such movie or what movies had I seen lately, I realized that I hadn’t seen really anything lately that wasn’t being shown on TBS or one of my other million basic satellite channels. I was really missing out on some great movies. The clincher though about Netflix is that it isn’t just movies…it’s television shows too! I am a rabid lover of many quality (in my opinion) shows that are on the premier stations (which I just can’t cough up the money to have at my fingertips).

Now that I have Netflix…I can watch entire seasons of Big Love, Dexter, The Tudors and many many more…along with shows that I completely missed out on and can get into now. All in the comfort of my living room…without ever having to leave for work early so I can return the stupid dvd. Now, I just toss it into the mailbox and wait for the next one to arrive. They even send you emails of when your next one is shipping. It is wonderful. (People love it so much there is even a Netflix Fan blog!)


So, now that I officially sound like a commercial for Netflix, you can start to understand why I’m not on the computer downloading pictures or writing a bunch of blog posts. Heck, just this week I finally watched The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire and Milk.


The only downside is that DH is sleeping his evenings away trying to watch movies with me. Ask him if he liked any of these films…just don’t give away the ending…like clockwork he sleeps through the last 30 minutes. I think it is time to que up for some of those shows I was talking about…or maybe a few chick flicks I can watch on my own.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April

It is April 1st today….yes, that means it is April Fools Day. I thought about writing a funny prank post about how I decided to take up residence in Vegas at Caesar’s permanently (I wish) or how DH and I were having a baby (not even believable) or some other shenanigans, but then I figured all the folks posting prank statuses on facebook are enough to fill the prank quota for the day.

Instead, I would rather check in with you all and say a quick hello. Oh, and let you know that I am working on updating the blog with a few new posts and letting you all know how I’m doing on the 5 year plan. Things are moving along, but there is still a lot to accomplish.

In the meantime I thought I would share a cute article that a friend shared with me from the Best of Craigslist…it makes me giggle and at the same time smile. Do you love where you live?


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If you're happy and you know it...#70

I am officially counting #70 off my list - Be 100% happy in the moment and take note of it. We are now at five months since the wedding (tomorrow!!!)…and life could not be better. Yes, the economy sucks and I want a bigger house so we can start our family whenever we are ready. Yes, I want to hit the lotto so DH and I can travel and enjoy more leisure time with friends and family. However….we are both healthy, happy and in love. I honestly don’t think I imagined that married life would be this wonderfully amazing. I know, I know…gag, gag….but seriously…it is the best! I am loving being a newlywed. Ok, say it with me…awwwwwww. =D

Monday, March 16, 2009

Yarn it up

I have lots of hobbies…I love to read, watch movies, play video games, all things crafty, hang out with family and friends, decorate my house, sleep (yes, sleeping is a hobby), I watch tons of television (dvr is my best inanimate friend) and many many more! In addition to my love of Rock Band 2, drooling over Tory Burch shoes and photographs...

Crocheting is one of my beloved pastimes and is at the forefront of the list. I only learned how to crochet a couple years ago. It started with a love of giving hand-made meaningful gifts and a lot of my friends starting to have babies. I decided that I wanted to give them blankets and such and so a passion was born. There is still so much to learn and I hope to take more lessons soon.

I feel like I have made so many items in the last couple years…my baby blanket obsession even made it into my Dad’s toast at the wedding. There are patterns that are definitely my favorites, but I do try to branch out a little.

Usually, I forget to take pictures of my projects, but I do have a few…some are from my camera and one is from the book I got the pattern out of (already gave the blanket away, lol)…but it looks just like it.

DH is even getting his own blanket…he picked out the pattern and the colors he wanted. Now, if I can only find time to make myself something. =)

Friday, March 13, 2009

#49 & #44

#49 – Eat at 25 new restaurants – Is always a work in progress. The latest was The Counter in Roseville. It is a chain that started down South, but has recently opened a location up here in the new Fountains shopping center. DH and I went with some great friends and we had a wonderful time…I could not stop munching on the crispy onion strings and the sweet potato fries. What I really liked about this place were the endless options…as a non-beef eater, I loved that they not only had a veggie burger option, but turkey burger and chicken sandwich! Love it!!! I will definitely go back soon (after Easter).

Why after Easter, you ask? (Such a smooth transition, lol.) This Lenten season I am pushing myself in a way I have not previously done. I am sacrificing my TWO favorite “go-to” foods….yes, French Fries AND Chips & Salsa. Ah, it has been a two and a half weeks and I’m already dying. =( Yet, I persevere through and will be a better person for it come mid-April. If I succeed, and let’s face it, I’m too stubborn not to…I will be able to check off #44.
Oh, and I am wearing pink today...are you? Support California teachers!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh, happy days

I enjoy cooking. I enjoy baking. I enjoy entertaining. My kitchen, specifically my oven, was making that miserable. (Ok, now I totally feel like I am on HSN trying to get you to buy something for 3 easy payments of whatever and 99 cents.)

Back to the post at hand…our place (house, townhouse, condo, whatever I feel like calling it today) was built in 1987 and still has the original appliances. Or, I should say “had”…since we got new appliances on Monday!!!!

The oven and stove would set off the smoke detector no matter what you were doing. That was in part due to the insufficient fan capabilities of the microhood. The microwave actually had a dial!!!! Yep, a dial. Oh, and the dishwasher…forget trying to watch television downstairs while it was running…I’m surprised we didn’t get a noise complaint from that thing chugging and groaning.

(No picture of the old range...DH forgot and I guess I didn't remind him.)

Finally, after two wonderful parties and cooking for large groups I threw the towel in…literally, I tossed it on the floor and screamed in despair. For the past two years I’ve been managing with these sub-par pieces of crap. DH and I decided that since we aren’t going to be able to move anytime soon (and we would have to do it then anyways) it is time to replace the lot of them and enjoy our new stuff for a while ourselves.

So, I researched it all out and picked the brand and models we wanted and were within our budget….my number one item on the wish list was a convection oven…and I got it!!! I am so excited to be able to cook multiple dishes and have less cook time…it is going to make me a happy lady…and as DH says, A happy wife is a happy life. =)

As some of my blog friends can attest…anything new in the kitchen (or a whole new kitchen) is a wonderful thing. Thanks for letting me share.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Are you ready for some football? #96

The weekend before the birthday party we had a Super Bowl party (I know I’m seriously playing catch up here, just hang in there with me…you are going to get lots of posts this week)…yep, I just keep entertaining away…I think it is all part of loving being a newlywed and having this need to nest and have people over. (Maybe it is all of the nice weddings present we received and wanting to use them.) It was a smaller group of about 10 or so…we had a great time and everyone ate, drank and enjoyed the game. Only 5 more months until pre-season!!!! That party also helped me complete one more item on my five-year plan…so number 96 is successfully accomplished.

I did take a ton of pictures of the food for the party…there was seriously enough food for a medium sized army…we ate baked potatoes for days and not only did we send home doggie bags, but even had friends over the next night for leftovers.

Before everyone got to the house...
The fridge is stocked and the oven is full... (Stef, recognize the bread bowls?)
Dinner was ready to go...(Wings not pictured...I think they were still in the oven)
Chatting, eating...and DH helping to clean up some of the dishes. =)

Birthday Shindig

So, you ask, what have I been up to? Hmmm…my DH is now the big 3-0. =) We held a bash in his honor at our place and had 16 of our closest friends (including sibs) there and had a great time. Everyone gave me a bad time about making too much food….then proceeded to eat almost all of it, lol. Actually, there were plenty of leftovers, but when 16 people eat 40 enchiladas (I made 64), mass quantities of chips, salsa, guacamole, rice, beans, salad and almost half a sheet cake….Well, I don’t feel like I made too much food after that. I think the punch bowl of margaritas and the fully stocked bar had something to do with everyone eating a bit over their normal intake. Who am I kidding? I love over preparing and having everyone wasted and enjoying themselves, especially if the entertainment includes Rock Band 2 and DH being happy.

Unfortunately I was playing hostess a little too much to take pictures…my brother took a bunch, but we all know how that goes…I still haven’t seen them. I guess since he is out of the country on a skiing trip I’ll give him a pass right now. I only have a few that ended up on DH’s camera…most of them were blurry, I guess those margaritas were REALLY good, lol.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Calling Myself Out

Ok, so it has been a million years since I updated and I’ve totally been called out on it. Well, that is how exciting my life is, lol. Seriously, I am sooooo boring now. Well, at least I think my life is boring. However boring is very nice. My boring life is full of love, working on projects around the house and hobby-wise and working at a job I am very thankful for.

It isn’t so much that I haven’t had anything to blog about, it is that I don’t have any pictures to go along with those posts and I am not a big fan of posts without pictures. Even my Mom gets bored with me unless there are pictures…wave hello Mom, I know you are there lurking.

There are lots of things in the works right now. I am diligently working hard at my five-year plan and maintaining an optimistic outlook during these hard economic times and rainy/drought season. Check back soon for lots of posts (I already have some written)....what do you want to hear about?

What have you all been up to?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Same Old, Same Old

Forgive me readers it has been 10 days since my last post. Really, there hasn’t been that much going on.

Last weekend we visited with lots of friends at dinners, parties and the like. Of course, I didn’t bring my camera and don’t have any pictures to show you. I know, boring.

Honestly, I am busy planning away. This weekend is the Super Bowl and we are having a group of friends over for the game, the food, the drink and the commercials, along with a huge helping of fun. =) (That was so completely cheesy, my apologies.) It takes a lot of prep to get it all in gear. I enjoy it and love having people over, but nevertheless I wouldn’t be being completely honest with you if I said it was a snap. Yes Mom, I know…I do tend to go overboard and make way too much food and stress way too much over nothing. Well, I’ll get two weekends in a row to do that, lol.

The following weekend is DH’s 30th birthday!!! In honor of this special milestone in his life, we are (I am) throwing a shin-dig at our casa. I will tell you all more about it when we get a little closer or as soon as it occurs….reason being that I would love to surprise our guests and a few of them read this here blog. All I can say is that…it is going to be a great time and you’d best come with your Rock Band skills ready.

Actually, DH has already opened his birthday gift from me. =) I bought him the aforementioned Rock Band 2 for the Wii. The two of us love our Wii. Any given night you might walk in to find us either jammin’ on tour with our band or racing around a variety of tracks with Mario Kart. I’ll have to snap a few pictures one night so you’ll believe me.

Other than that, it’s been the same old, same old. I keep working on projects around the house and trying to figure out how we can afford our dream home during this lifetime. I’ve been working away at my list, interrupted slightly by Lost coming back on air. I won’t post spoilers (you are welcome, Stef) but let me say….holy cow, what a season so far. If you haven’t yet….jump on the Lost bandwagon…rent them from Netfix, borrow them from a friend (Mom, we have seasons 1 and 2). Seriously, don’t miss out!!! I’ll be back soon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Massive Undertaking...#5 - Clean My Closet

Bright and early Saturday morning I woke up and started in on one of the largest projects on my five-year plan…not as big as a new house or a baby, but definitely tougher than sending out holiday cards.

That’s right yall (as Brit-Brit would say)…I cleaned out my closet. I will pause for a brief moment for you all to visualize your own closet. Now, think of it at its messiest…whether that be right now or during a previous time when you were so disgusted by how bad it had gotten that you didn’t even want to go in there. Well, my closet was worse than that, I guarantee.

You see, I am a very organized person. I love everything in nice, neat stacks…and on spreadsheets. I love when I walk in somewhere and it’s all lined up and pretty. However, I am also an extremist. It’s all or nothing with me. I get on a project and there is no stopping me, but if I want to avoid something….I can be just as extreme in that. My closet has been no exception and it had turned into a ridiculous cabinet that things disappeared into and were never heard from again.

So, bright and early Saturday morning I tackled my closet head on. I didn’t even take before pictures because it is that embarrassing. I was ruthless with clothes, shoes and “stuff.” I went through every item in the entire closet. It took all day and a nice break for lunch at my favorite Sacramento franchise, Dos Coyotes. (Thank you for lunch and the moral support DH!)

In the process of reorganizing the entire closet I found a few fun, inventive ways to reuse items and incorporate wedding ideas into the space. I had purchased 3 foldable baskets from Cost Plus to use as the bathroom baskets…I ended up using 2 to store all of my scarves (I love scarves) and one for my very own flip-flop basket. I have 8 pairs of flip-flops and they look great all pretty in the basket…so fun! I even went a step further and cleaned out my dresser and started working on other rooms in the house.

All in all…Goodwill received 7 large handled bags of clothes, shoes and accessories. The washer and dryer also got a good workout doing about a million loads of laundry and our garbage can is halfway full of crap that was deemed not worthy for donation to anything but the dump.

It was a large project…DH got so worn out watching, he couldn’t manage the whole day without a snoozer.

By late afternoon, I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and was really proud of myself. =) I even took pictures to share with you all.

#13 - Do Something Different With My Hair

As I eluded to on Facebook, and to a few of you via conversations and emails…I was ready for a hair change and I took the plunge last Thursday night.

There is a phenomenon known as the “post-wedding chop” and I have seen many the newlywed style their grown out “wedding hair” into a fun, low-maintenance short new hair-do. Well, I am totally and completely unable to chop off all my long hair. Don’t get me wrong, I love short hair…I’ve had short hair before, really short hair. The number one problem is that my hair grows so stinking fast that it is expensive to get haircuts all the time to keep it looking fresh and stylish. The other reason that I can’t chop it anytime soon is that DH might lock me out.

When I told him that I wanted to change up my hair, he said, “do whatever you want as long as you keep it long…please don’t cut it all off.” How could I argue his one request? So, I started to think about things I could do to change it up without wacking it all off.

First, I though about color…I’ve been a brunette, a redhead…I really can’t pull off being a blonde and I work in corporate America so blue, pink and green weren’t really options…that left something I’ve always thought about doing but never (at least since my Cure/Depeche Mode days in jr high/high school) really went for…Black!

So, I had decided on black, but since I can’t resist a fun highlight I went for an auburn thrill. That still left what to do for an actual style. I know, black might have been enough of a change, but I really wanted something new and fun. Well, what’s more fun than bangs? I actually brought in a picture of Alyssa Milano and her fun bangs and said…give me that.

Ok, ok, I know you are bored and just want to see a picture. Well, DH is the worst photographer in the world so this is all I have from the weekend. (I got to meet up with a good friend, albeit briefly, that was in town for the weekend from NY.) This isn't the best picture, but you can get the idea....

Are you planning to try out a new look for 2009?

Weekend Recap

Three-day weekends are such lovely things. I am so sad that this one is over. =( Not only was it relaxing, productive and fun…I didn’t have to get dressed up or travel anywhere! DH and I accomplished quite a bit around the house and in town.

Today is going to be full of new blog posts…normally I try to space them out, but I’m giving up. It’s feast or famin here people, all or nothing…and when it rains, it pours. So, hopefully you are having a slow day easing into the short week, or if you didn’t have the holiday, you are full swing into the week, bitter that you didn’t get the holiday. (It’s ok, I’ll be working in February on President’s Day and I’ll be completely bitter.) Either way, enjoy the catch up…my sad excuse for what pictures I do have and I can’t wait to hear all your wonderful, insightful, comical and fantastic comments.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I heart Facebook. (#47 – Reach out to a long lost friend.)

Yes, I really, really, really heart Facebook. Not just because I can keep tabs on exactly what folks from high school are doing at every moment of the day. Not just because I am saving the earth by sending virtual items to everyone I know. Not just because it satisfies my need to “tag” things. Not just because I can let everyone know whom and what I’m a fan of. Not just because I needed to know how many friends I actually have.

I heart Facebook because it unknowingly helped me accomplish one of my goals in my five-year plan. I’ve actually reconnected with a few old friends. I started just like the other 150 million users and posted some random stuff…looked for people I know…and started requesting friends and responding to requests. Then I started to think about people in my life whom I lost touch with, but still think about often. I did a few searches to try and find some of these folks and a few I found, but many I did not.

Then one day (alright, more than one because I’ve reconnected with a few long lost friends)…there was a request from a friend that I had been looking for, for ages. Well, why didn’t she pop up when I did a search for her? Hmm….well, maybe because during the time when we were long lost she went and got married, changed her name and didn’t retain her maiden name on facebook for folks like me trying to find them.

I’ve actually found a handful of old friends and really started emailing back and forth, catching up on the phone and arranging to meet up when we are in the same locale. There are two specifically that I am sooooo happy to have them actively back in my life. These gals were such close friends that I don’t understand how time and distance ever kept us apart. Now, I’m getting a chance to catch up with them on family, career, weddings, babies and all sorts of other fun happenings. It has been wonderful. I don’t think they are reading my blog, but I just wanted to share with you a simple thing that led to a big thing, that makes me really happy. =)

Have a good weekend…and for those of you who have asked…I will try to post pictures of my new hair-do soon. Yep, I did some new-fangled shiz with my hair and I LOVE it, lol.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

#1. Move into a bigger house

Before I get you all excited…we didn’t buy a house and we aren’t moving, lol. As much as I wish I could be writing you that we purchased the 5 bedroom/3 bath/3 car garage house of our dreams, I am not. I am writing to tell you that I am currently obsessed with looking at the online listings for 5 bedroom/3 bath/3 car garage houses of my dreams (and some nightmares too).

Alas, right now it is just not in the cards for DH and I. Currently, we own two homes (one is rented) and a third mortgage in these economic times doesn’t sound like an exciting opportunity to me. Neither does trying to sell either or both of our current investments.

So, until the real estate market changes (either one way or the other) or we hit the lotto (I’m trying)…we’ll make do with our 2 bedroom/2 ½ bath/barely 2 car garage place.

However, if we did have a bigger house…and when we do…I am definitely going to re-create this room as my craft studio. Isn’t is ah-maz-ing?!?!?!


What dream room would you have in your new home?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ok, ok...I'm a total slacker. I'm also still tired from the holidays and our trip to BIL's Florida wedding.

I think after the gluttony that was the last couple months I need to concentrate on becoming a healthier me and dropping a few pounds. Anyone care to join me and we can push each other?

Soon enough I'll be back on the wagon, blogging away for all three of you. =) In the meantime I'm chugging away at my 5 year plan. Some progress has been made and although I should do separate entries for each one of these (and I may go back and do just that)...before I forget, here we go.

#12 - Own a laptop - DH and I received a brand spanking new laptop from Mom and Dad for Christmas. I have a feeling it is already more DH's than mine, but Santa gave it to both of us, so that counts.

#17 - Visit 10 states I've never been to - Florida!!!!! I got to enjoy the beautiful Dec/Jan weather in South Florida and do some major shopping, drinking and eating....the only thing that was missing was the sleep, lol.

#49 - Eat at 25 new restaurants - For New Year's Eve a group of us headed to Delray Beach and had a lovely dinner. The food was good, but it being a busy holiday and as part of a party of 16 or so...the experience left a little to be desired. Would have been much better with a group of 4 or 6 and not such a busy night. If it was less than 3000 miles away from home I would try it again sooner. 24 more new eats to go.

#91 - Inspire someone to start his or her own list - The lovely Erin has started her own list and I love it!!!! She's currently at 81 items and has it posted on her blog...and I'm excited to see her achieve all of her goals in the next five years. (Especially that red dress and another baby, lol.)

Thank you to you all for not totally abandoning me...I'm excited to hear from you all soon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#42 - Send Holiday cards to friends and family

They are finally in the mail. I ordered them ages ago, and by ages I mean weeks, but I didn’t get them out in the mail until yesterday afternoon. I think that my lack of urgency has to do with a few key factors…one, I’m not entirely thrilled with them…two, I’m not entirely thrilled with the holidays…and three, did I mention I’m not entirely thrilled with them?

Next year I am going to plan ahead and design fantabulous holiday cards. Honestly, I think all my creative energy went into making the thank you notes for the wedding and the holiday cards got the short end of the stick. I wanted to do a set of amazing cards, but with the lack of dinero available and the lack of time until they had to be sent out…ah well, people look at them, maybe put them on a piano or mantle for a few weeks and then they go into the trash.

At least we are sending out cards…and I’ve accomplished one more item on my 5-year plan…#42, done.

Here is the picture we used for the card…it is from our rehearsal dinner. =) (Which was two months ago today.)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Updates Galore…#87, 40 & 15

I have been a little busy lately, but part of that being busy has been diligently working away at my 5-year plan. I have some great updates for you…specifically numbers 87, 40 and 15.

#87 – Pay off my library fines and start checking out books again.
The past few weeks I’ve been requesting books online via our local library catalog. They so wonderfully send you an email when they are ready for pick-up. So, this weekend, as I was out running errands, I swung by the library in my neighborhood and picked up my friends waiting on the shelf with my name on them. I also paid off all my fines and am completely current with the Sacramento library system. It’s not that I rack up major fines, or purposely return books late…what usually happens is that I am really into a book, someone else has a hold on it (so I can’t re-new it), and I am willing to pay the few cents a day to be able to finish up the story. The real problem is that I tend to do this quite often and those few cents add up. At least it is all going to a good cause…and I rationalize it by saying that it is still cheaper than buying the book. Well, now I’m squared away and hopefully I can be a better library patron and return my books on time.

#40 – Buy a Menorah every Hanukkah (1/5)
DH and I picked out our newest holiday decoration for our home…a very pretty Menorah. Sunday was the Hanukkah fair at DH’s Synagogue, so we headed over there and picked out our favorite. Although I’m not really feeling the Holiday season this year, it is nice to have pretty, twinkling lights, some much loved sentimental Christmas decorations and our menorahs in the house. It’s beginning to look a lot like Chrismukkah!

#15 – Not wear a ponytail for two weeks straight (7/14)
Today is day seven of not wearing a ponytail and it has actually been even more difficult than I thought it would. Yes, I am completely aware that it sounds superficial and quite transparent. However, I have promised that I will always be honest with you…and not throwing my hair back with a few hair ties to get it out of the way, is really out of my comfort zone.

I have a technicality that I need your help with though…what do I do with my hair at the gym? Am I allowed a reprieve? Is a bun allowed or does that violate the idea of the goal? Please help me out with this one.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Since I’m feeling really lackluster these days and not much of anything interesting is happening….I’ll just blog about what is roaming around in my mind of late.

I feel guilty saying this, but I’m honestly not excited about the holidays. Some of you may say…no biggie, I’m never excited for the holidays and other may say, how can you NOT be excited? Well, I guess this has been a busy year and I’m just over it.


Don’t get me wrong…I am definitely looking forward to spending time with my family and having a few days off work, but I’m not thrilled about Christmas, Hanukah or New Year’s. I decorated the house, hoping that would help, not so much. I ordered our holiday cards, hmph…they don’t thrill me. It just feels lackluster. I know, I know…I’m totally whining and should focus on the things I am so lucky to have and be thankful.

The thing is, I am very thankful. After a year of spending money like a crazy woman, getting more beautiful items for our home than I ever thought possible and the economy causing my stress level to increase by the day…I guess I’m over the spending spirit. DH and I have decided not to exchange gifts…and when Mom asked me what I wanted over Thanksgiving, I actually told her socks. She looked at me a little silly and I proceeded to take my shoes off and show her my one navy blue sock and my one grey sock…and it wasn’t because I needed to do laundry. DH then took off his shoes and showed her his holey socks…we looked pretty pathetic. I’d say it’s a safe bet that we’ll both be really happy to have matching, non-holey socks come December 25th. Sure, I would love a new flashy purse or another pair of my favorite jeans, but I just don’t want anyone spending any more money on me this season…the economy scares me like Sarah Palin scares moose, you betcha.


So, although I’m definitely not a scrooge, I just don’t feel like decking the halls with lots of packages. Sorry if I’m a Debbie Downer, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one out there who is feeling a little blue this winter. How are you all feeling about this holiday season?


Monday, December 8, 2008

I forgot to say thank you...

Did I forget to tell you that I finished all of our thank you notes? I guess it totally slipped my mind. =) We got them mailed out the day before Thanksgiving…so, I missed my goal of our one-month anniversary by a week. However, considering that my original plan of attack included working on them on the plan ride to and from Hawaii…and that got shot down really quick by DH…I think I did pretty well. Trying to keep them from sounding redundant was definitely the most difficult part. We got so many wonderful presents and I’m one of those freaks that actually enjoys writing notes of gratitude.

I know I’ve shown you the note cards I made before, but here’s a couple last pictures of a large grouping, all ready to go. The liners turned out great and I’ve gotten lots of wonderful compliments and comments on them. I think I may start making all of my own note cards! They are really easy to do and definitely bring the plain old note card up a notch. Paper is soooo expensive and cards can be ridiculous…these really aren’t expensive and all they take is just a little time and some creativity. (Great gift idea too!)